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Phone (213) 283-6107

Email: irwin@isle-cc.com

If you've ever run into a computer problem and you didn't know who to turn to...CALL US!

Fix your computer? Virus? Troubled Installation? No problem! Unless its really trashed, then we tell you to get a new one. For the really have to - have to repair situations, that's our specialty.

Need a Computer solution, but have no direction? No problem! We put you on the right path, and if you need a push, we'll use TWO hands!

Shopping for Webmaster services? No problem! Small through Large, tight budget or the sky's the limit...we work with you to get your site up and running. Check out our modest PORTFOLIO.

Over 30 years of computer experience...the list of services seems endless, it will bore you, but if you want more info, click on SERVICES.