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Email: irwin@isle-cc.com

*** CAUTION *** as you proceed further, you'll be bombarded with techno-babble...fair warning! Not sure? Have no clue? Just call or email a local braddah that can easily put this into English, li'dat. Contact information on the left <<<

Website Development & Graphics - Highly skilled in HTML/ASP, VBscript, Adobe CS Series: Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Adobe Flash Media Server distributes our video content. All databases are developed on a Microsoft SQL 2008 server platform. Visit the PORTFOLIO for a sample of our websites. Over 30 years of programming experience, even back to the days of the Z80 microprocessor. What's that? It's a long lost, antiquated instructional mnemonic code for the Radio Shack TRS-80.

Graphic design is not just for websites, we also make posters, flyers, business cards, banners, DVD/CD covers & inserts, T-shirt designs, etc...Just let us know how big and what you want to put it on.

Marketing & Promotion - So you've built your website, how do you tell the world? We integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions. That's on top of guerilla & grass roots promotion, including traditional media. Need a Press Release to announce an event? We'll write it...of course for a fee...brainpower cost$. Just give us your money and we do the work! Got your attention?

Networking & System Integration - As time goes by, new technology graces us with huge benefits. We can plug your new contraption into your existing computer and/or network. Windows and Mac OS, we do it all! For you UNIX peeps, don't bother calling us because you're probably solving the problem by yourselves. But, we do UNIX too. Blah!

Multimedia Development (CD/DVD Authoring) - This is probably the most enjoyable service that we provide. Not all jobs offer watching TV while working, and depending on how good the video is, we get to replay it over and over and over. Sometimes 100x. However, it would be bad if the video sucked. Well, if you shot it, we can put it to DVD, even package it with an Amaray DVD (or CD jewel) case including artwork.

Need just a little post video editing? We do that too! Check out the Hawaiian Brian's "LIVE ENTERTAINMENT" commercial and "LAUGHS FOR LIONS".

Computer Builds & System Repairs - Fix em' and build em'....that's what we've been doing for 30 years...think we nailed this service down. Looking for a custom system to drive your high-end applications & games in HD on 3 monitors? Haven't done 3 monitors yet, let us be the first! We lost count after 3500 computer system builds and several thousands service repairs.

Application Training - Ever got stuck on figuring out how to mail merge a Microsoft Word document with an Access database, or an Excel spreadsheet? We help UNSTICK you! Our method of instruction is finding out what application you need help with and determine what your practical needs are. Showing you stuff that you will never ever use regularly is not helpful and you'll forget. Use it or lose it. Unless you suffer from Alzheimer’s, then that would be bad.

Over the past 30 years, we've worked with HUNDREDS of applications and are adept to learn a new program quickly if you have an app that we haven't seen before. Not sure? Contact us! <<<